Here are a few of my “back catalog” articles in PDF form that you can download.

Judgement, Character, Passion  – Staffing a High Performing Team

The Human Side of Due Diligence

Moore’s Law Changes Everything

Get your free copy of The Founder’s Pitch Template (PPT)


Get your free copy of The Founder’s Checklist template (PDF)

The Founder’s Checklist

Order the printed companion pocket notebook

This notebook is for you to jot the thoughts, germs of ideas and quick notes you don’t want to forget before you get back to your connected device of choice.  There are pages that correspond to items in the template as well as comments and leading questions to help you form your thoughts.  This is especially useful for those of us who scrawl faster than we type.  It’s also a handy reminder of the other stuff you need to worry about beyond that really cool idea you have.

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