The Founder’s Checklist

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Every pilot follows a checklist before taking off on a flight.  They do this not because they don’t know what to do or look for, but rather to make sure they don’t overlook something, or inadvertently skip an important step given the complexity of the task at hand.  So too, those launching a new venture should have a checklist handy as a reminder of the many aspects of growing a business that exist beyond the Next Big Thing idea.

Download The Founder’s Checklist   

The template is for you, the Founder, to build your key documentation while you build your business.

[This is really helpful to get everything together before you post on] 

Order The Founder’s Checklist companion pocket notebook

a companion pocket notebook

Think of it as a Bullet Journal template for Founders. This notebook is for you to jot the thoughts, germs of ideas and quick notes you don’t want to forget before you get back to your connected device of choice.  There are pages that correspond to items in the template as well as comments and leading questions to help you form your thoughts.  This is especially useful for those of us who scrawl faster than we type.  It’s also a handy reminder of the other stuff you need to worry about beyond that really cool idea you have.


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